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Making a difference

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~ Kelly S., Interfaith Food Pantry Client

Nick's Hope has been a blessing to our family of 4. We are a one income family and I am a stay at home mom caring for our special needs child. This wonderful organization has taken the burden off financially to clothe our family. We are very appreciative! Thank you Nick's Hope.. You are a blessing to us.

~ Lucille V., St Joes Food Pantry Client

Nick's Hope has greatly helped my family w/clothes that I couldn't afford due 2 the losing my job & health issues caused by COVID

~ Interfaith Food Pantry Client

Your organization is wonderful and everyone has been so caring since my first pick up. & thank you!!!!

~ Tanya,  Newton, NJ

It has helped me in a big way My children need clothing for school

~ Sandra M., Interfaith Food Pantry Client

Good morning Nick's Hope, I am very grateful with this program, especially becuase I have a new born and they change size very quickly, so Nick's hope has been very helpful especially in this times that we are living with the pandemic. In addition, I can give back items that have been gently used, so someone else can use them.

~ Camp Jefferson Client

Dear Nick's Hope...and ALL involved in this Blessing.

 1st, "Thank you".

When I try to find the words to express my feelings of gratitude in my experience with receiving help from Nick's Hope.....I'm NOT at a loss of words, but I am filled with words beyond measure that would express my most Sincere gratitude....

 The Kindness from start to finish, the quality of items that is offered to those in need, the simplicity of searching and selecting items

online the website.....ALL of it....a Blessing... Untill you actually experience hardship in your Family, would one TRULY understand the feelings of a Blessing, Sincere Gratitude or a Gift of "Hope"..

 I can go on and on with words that express the Greater Good behind a place called "Nick's Hope"....

Never doubt the power of a Prayer..

Thank you ♥

Romans 12:1