Frequently asked questions

How the Program Works

How do I get my free clothes?

Shop (here) for your choice of clothing (20 item maximum). At checkout enter your coupon code, to remove all clothing costs. Enter your name at check out and choose your delivery method/location. Pick up your order at the designated delivery location and time. Enjoy your new items!

How many items can I order, and how often?

There is a 20 item maximum per order for a delivery. Once you pick up your items, you can place a new order. Please note: If your entire order is over 20 items, your order will be cancelled.

Can I order a few items now, and a few later to equal 20 items?


Why are there prices on the clothing, and cost at checkout?

To set up the online store, and to avoid scammers, we have assigned a value to each item. Coupon codes are available to our customers to remove the cost.

If at checkout you see an amount due, you need to enter your coupon code in the promo code box or you have exceeded the 20 item limit per order.

What if I don’t have a coupon code?

Coupon codes are provided only by distribution partners (here)

Can I save things in my cart?

No, you must check out during your visit. We only have one of every item, you cannot hold an item.

Can I return?

Yes, we are happy to take back items. Bring the items back to the next scheduled delivery.

When do I pick up my items?

See delivery schedule (here)

What happens if I cannot pick up my order during the designated time slot & location I chose?

If you cannot make the delivery appointment, please contact us (here) to reschedule 24 hours prior to delivery. If you are a no show, and have not contacted us to reschedule, you will no longer be eligible for this program.

What area do you serve?

Northern New Jersey

How do I become a distribution partner?

Use our Contact us (here) form to request partner information.

What if Nicks Hope needs to cancel or change a delivery for inclement weather etc.?

You can get the latest information and alerts from our Facebook page (here)

How do I keep in the know?

Follow us on Facebook (here) for alerts, new clothing, donation needs, and summer pop-up shops.

What can I expect from the quality of the clothing?

All of Nicks Hope clothing are gently used, inspected, and washed.

How do I donate?

To donate clothing, contact us on Facebook (here) instant messenger to quickly schedule a quick pick up or contact us on the website.

Monetary donations can be made on Facebook (preferred method) (here), you can create a Personal Facebook fundraiser to benefit Nick's Hope (here) or on this website (here)